Talent Shortage in Hospitality. What could the answer be?

Sybil Hofmann, President, International Programs, Swiss Alpine Center
13 Nov 2019
Internships and Career

As one of the fastest growing industries, hospitality and tourism is in increasing need for well- educated professionals on both operational and managerial level.

This year Alpine Center was inundated with requests for both interns (trainees) and graduates for internships and career opportunities both in Greece and from as far away countries as Thailand, China and USA.

It goes without saying that we are very pleased, however, we are also very concerned that not many young men and women are made aware of the career opportunities in this industry.

In its report “Global Talent Trends & Issues for the Travel & Tourism Sector”, January 2015, the World Travel & Tourism Council mentions that “at a global level, the research shows that the industry is facing a shortfall of 14 million jobs – that is equivalent to the population of Cambodia – and stands to reduce its contribution to global GDP by US$ 610 billion over the next ten years, 5.8% less than our baseline forecasts.”

“The following 12 countries are projected to have the most acute deficit Travel & Tourism talent trends (demand growth more than 1 percentage point faster than supply growth): Thailand, Poland, Taiwan, Russia, Peru, Costa Rica, Argentina, Sweden, Singapore, Italy, Turkey and Greece.

For some of these countries, the source of the talent trend deficit is a combination of strong talent demand growth (given the strong forecast for Travel & Tourism direct employment) and weak talent supply growth (typically linked to weak demographics).

What could the solution be to this shortage?

There are many solutions I would say including having hospitality companies actively involved with high schools where they could introduce the career and career paths to high school students. The governments could take an active role in directing unemployed people to acquire a new career in an industry which is in dire need of professionals.

I can also put my faith in the Millennials. An independent, purpose-driven and passionate generation, they will be the future leaders in the years to come. For a generation in constant search for the next experience, what better way than choosing a career in the experience industry itself!
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We at Alpine Center have been preparing young aspiring professionals to embark on this journey for the past 33 years. Our pedagogical approach helps nurture students into well-rounded, critically thinking, flexible and future-ready graduates that guarantee their success in all segments of the international hospitality management industry.

With hospitality and tourism growing exponentially, these assets can certainly help provide our students with a roadmap to a successful future.

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