Hospitality Industry On The Move

If you ever had a dream of being a skilled professional, working in vibrant environment and with endless options to make yourself a career anywhere in the world, well then hospitality is the right choice! There are nearly 260 million jobs worldwide that are supported by Travel & Tourism either directly or in related sectors. A look at the growth rate of the hotel rooms in India gives a clear picture of the demand of well-educated staff for Hotel Management positions in India. There were 2.2 million rooms in 2002 and the number rose to 2.5 million rooms in 2010; and is expected to rise to 5.8 million rooms by 2020. This translated into human resources is 3.4 million people by 2020 at an annual demand of 39,000 qualified people. The present supply is only 25,000 trained personnel from all hotel schools.

The travel and tourism industry has grown by 500% in the past 25 years, and the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) forecast further strong growth in visitor numbers and expenditure worldwide. This clearly indicates that the tourism industry is one of the world's largest generators of wealth and jobs, with the firm prospect of sustainable future growth.